Business Applications

Age Analytics® provides reliable solution - not just service provider - that can provide the attitude, attention, and responsiveness that you require. Our highly structured, consultative approach doesn’t just fix problems; it can actually improve your business. With precise tools and proven methodologies, To provide cost-effective consulting services and solutions that allow you to reduce IT overheads, and software development and maintenance costs. Leverage your existing IT staff, even with burgeoning business needs, using our efficient knowledge management processes. Working closely with you, on-site or offshore, we can design, build, validate and implement solutions, and also provide continuous support

Age Analytics® Provides :
  • Cost-effective consulting, saving on IT overheads
  • IBM competency group for building and aligning solutions to industry and technology trends
  • Average consultant experience - 5 years
  • Employee experience well above industry average, resulting in greater productivity and quality; save on knowledge retention costs as well, thanks to the lowest attrition rate in the industry
  • A trustworthy IT partner, ensuring continuous attention from experienced consultants for every customer, delivering predictable ROI, time-to-market, and quality.