Technology Services

Enterprise Application Integration

Build roadmap to a Service Oriented Architecture made to measure for the company. With the right mix of tools, frameworks and platforms and the right level of detail.

Age Analytics® Expertise

  • Build a tailor-made SOA roadmap starting from the existing application portfolio and infrastructure. Both for Microsoft and JEE based infrastructures or a mix thereof.
  • Make an informed choice between a lightweight service mediation approach vs. a full-on ESB implementation
  • Migrate a lightweight SOA infrastructure towards a complete ESB stack
  • Implement an open source or commercial ESB stack: Microsoft BizTalk Server + ESB Toolkit, Apache Tuscany + Apache Synapse, Mule, ...
  • Incrementally expand your SOA infrastructure with Electronic Decision Management, Business Activity Monitoring, a Service Directory and Business Process Orchestration
  • Integrate legacy systems, COTS applications and custom services
  • Setup a central supporting team made up of Technical, Enterprise and Functional architects that provide coaching and hands-on support and participate in project delivery
Custom Software Development

Building business-critical applications based on reference architecture, frameworks and tools that have been deployed successfully in many real-world customer scenarios.

Age Analytics® Expertise:

  • Setup of a tailor-made software factory for a specific kind of applications
  • Create both interactive (wizards and tools) and passive (documents) guidance for developers using the software factory
  • Coach developers to allow them to increase their productivity
  • Setup and customization of open-source or commercial frameworks and tools
  • Implement source code generation for specific kinds of programming artefacts
  • Define overall technical architecture for an application
  • Deliver end-to-end projects
Functional Analysis and Design

Our analysis and design methodology adjusted to customer and project needs, supported by tools. Based on industry standards and grown from experience on real-world customer projects.

Age Analytics® Expertise :

  • Business architecture/analysis: Establish a clear and common business dictionary, by making a business information model of the processes to be automated.
  • Application Context & Specification: Deliver a “black box” view on the application to be built or bought, together with a pragmatic requirements engineering approach tackling functional as well as non functional requirements.
  • Application Design : Deliver a “white box” view on the application(s) in scope, by making a future proof choice of building blocks, like software services that together will realize the application responsibilities and constraints.
  • Software Service Specification: Make clear, brief and easy to read contract specifications of the chosen software services and/or software components. Apply best practices and analysis & design patterns at the right moment in the life-cycle to reduce work effort while quality is still guaranteed.
    Collaborate on models with many analysts & designers, and maximize model consistency and reuse. Make multiple views on the same model elements, showing different degrees of details or focusing on different concerns for different stakeholders, and publish them to automatically generated deliverables. Communicate with business people as technical IT people. Translate their needs and consents to each other, bridging the gap between business and IT.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Software Change and Configuration Management based on Process, Methodology and Tools. Get a grip application portfolio during every aspect of an application’s lifetime: concept, design, code and operational deployment.

  • Implementation of the ALM process tailored to the customer's needs
  • Implement monitoring and operational support of running applications
  • Support application development from concept to deployment and operations
  • Support people in activities from design to helpdesk
  • Integrate lifecycle management tools
  • Automate development, deployment and monitoring processes
  • Automate control on an application’s lifecycle
  • Deliver reporting on your application portfolio’s health for both deployed applications and applications in development

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